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very cute game but no one online im very lonely:(


hello everyone! i just found this game when i check the winter sale. It's Reallllly fun!
sadly, no one online tho. but i found secret in the game :D


f̶̮̜͐͋ ̴̮͋̏r̶̙̪̾ ̸̲̒o̶̱̬̾̽ ̸̤̙͑͠ģ̴̘̀̉


This game is a blessing. Thank you so much for creating it. It is calming, charming, and entertaining. Keep up the great work!! I can't wait to see what you make in the future! :)

Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm so glad you got something from it and enjoyed it!


i love this game


This is a nice game about being a frog and seeing other frog


Absolutely fantastic. Delivers on every promise. The music is really great as well!


chillest game ive ever played!

i love being able to fulfil my dream of just chilling on a lilypad to calm, soothing music! thank you <3

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Epic game I'll stream this instead of just chatting

Frog chillin on a pad

I just have a problem, I cannot see other frogs, I'm on linux

Thanks for playing! I'm thrilled you got to chill out as a frog! 

Other players need to be online to show up in the pond. Sometimes there might be connection issues with the server in which a quick restart will normally fix the issue!

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Well I mean I cannot see other connected players, I gave a try with a friend and we couldn't see each other on the same spot but the game reported each other as online players

Can we get Unicode support and font for international frogs?

Game seemed to quit/crash on its own. Or maybe ESC-ESC-ESC triggers quit? Which is too bad, because this entry is a gem.

I'm sorry that the game was crashing for you; it is tricky to make sure that it works on every machine! If you reach out to me at the discord link above, I am happy to hear more about the issues to try and resolve them!

I am glad you still got some value from the game and thank you for the comment!


i am planning a frog getaway with friends now

thank u for the froggy goodness


Even playing alone, very fun! Would like to eat those flies though... they look delicious.


i love this game so much,,,, it's super duper calm and the simplicity of this game just makes me adore it!!!

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very ccalm... love the tunes

I want to be able to eat the flies though :(


Lovely game! had a very nice moment exploring with a few other frogs. It was peaceful, which is an invaluable thing these days.


Fantastic game! I think I met a friend of yours, Jimmy frog earlier and the interaction really brightened my day!